The Benefits of Using Mush Comb Mushroom Picking Lorry

Looking to optimize your picking efficiency and boost the productivity of your mushroom farming business? The Mush Comb Mushroom Picking Lorry is designed precisely for that purpose. This innovative picking lorry is not just built for growers but is created with their direct input, ensuring it meets practical, real-world needs. Developed alongside a Dutch grower with the simple wish for a worker-friendly picking lorry, this machine is engineered to enhance your operations.

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Why Growers Choose the Mush Comb Picking Lorry:


  • Optimal Reach and Access: Pickers can stand close to the shelving and reach all heights through automatic lifting.
  • Convenient Design: The picking lorry fits through all working doors, eliminating the need to dismantle the platform or tip the lorry.
  • Versatile Platform: Pickers can stand on or within the platform, and even sit to pick the two bottom beds.
  • Long-Lasting Power: The batteries last more than two weeks (standard batteries not included).


  • Automatic Stop: Lifting is secured with an automatic stop for the highest and lowest positions.
  • Robust Construction: The hoisting frame is made of aluminum, the rack of galvanized steel, and the platform of galvanized steel. The lightweight safety gate ensures easy use and secure operation.


  • Compact and Light: Designed to be compact, light, and easy to handle by the picker themselves, the lorry can be driven, hung on, and taken off the rails independently.
  • Reliable Mechanism: Lifting is done with a strong and reliable rack and pinion with an electric drive, reducing maintenance needs.

Innovative Design for Efficiency:

Mush Comb has prioritized making the design as compact as possible. The relationship between the height of the lorry frame on the shelf rail and the height of the hoisting part connected to the platform is optimized to ensure the lorry fits through doors without disassembly and still reaches the upper shelf when raised. This one-piece telescopic design does not require folding or disassembly when moving from one room to another.

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"The picking lorries actually work too well. Now we have the problem that the pickers don't want to use the old lorries anymore when necessary. Usually, pickers find innovations difficult because they prefer to stick to what they know. But with the Compact+ Picking Lorrie, it was an immediate hit. From day one, the pickers didn't want to use anything else. It's a relief for them. The Picking Lorrie is simple but of exceptionally high quality."

Experience the efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness of the Mush Comb Mushroom Picking Lorry and transform your mushroom farming operations. Watch the lorry in action here:

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