Explanation of the Premium headfilling machine.

The #compost will be transported by a conveyor into the #swivel conveyor. The swivel conveyor will spread the compost over the width of the machine from left to right will.

By a leveling chain the compost will be leveled and the compost will fall down to the main conveyor. This mixing axle guarantees that the compost is loosen and reduces the lumps. After the mixing axle there are 4 pressing rollers installed. The pressing rollers are being used for pressing the compost.

#The casing unit is positioned above the pressing rollers unit. The casing soil is being divided inside the casing unit by using a hydraulic driven turning/swivel disc in combination with guiding plates.

The casing soil will be transported to the levelling chain. The levelling chain will turn counter clockwise than the direction of the main belt, which ensures that the levelling bars will throw the excess material backwards. After the material passes the levelling chain, a constant layer of casing soil will drop on top of the compost which is passing below. On the front part of this machine 3 units are mounted. 1 ruffling unit, 1 levelling unit and 1 pressing unit.

The machine is precisely adjusted to match the height of the bed, allowing it to seamlessly transfer the combined compost and casing soil package onto the bed.

A net is positioned to receive the compost. The machine #effectively guides and pushes the compost and casing soil onto this net. The net, designed to securely hold the compost and casing soil, is synchronized with the conveyor belt to move into the bed at the same rate, ensuring a smooth and controlled #filling process.

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