Reducing Labor costs with the Head Filling machine Phase 3 Economy

The Mush Comb head-end filling machine phase3 Economy is used for simultaneously filling mushroom shelves with an even surface of compost and / or #casing soil as easy and fast as possible.  

The head-end filling machine phase3 works in combination with 1 pulling winch and 2 feeding conveyors. Supply of the compost and/or casing soil can be done by a hopper, wagon, container or trailer. The Phase3 economy model is perfect suitable for growing rooms big and small. For using this machine, it is required to have a straight floor. 

Why Go for the Economy Version? 

The economy version of this machine offers a balance between cost and functionality. It's designed for those who want the benefits of automated filling without breaking the bank. The economy version provides the efficiency you need at a price you can afford. 


Consistency: Every shelve is filled to the same level, ensuring uniform growth 

across all your mushroom batches. 

Reduced Labor: Less time filling shelves means more time for other important 

tasks, like monitoring growth and ensuring the health of your mushrooms. 

Cost-Efficient: In the long run, the machine pays for itself by increasing 

production and reducing labor costs. 


In conclusion, if you're in the world of mushroom cultivation and looking to up your 

game, the Mush Comb Head Filling Machine Economy might just be your next best 

investment. Happy growing! 

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