Basciani Foods, Avondale USA

People who know the Kennett Square area in the USA know the mushroom family Basciani. It's already a fourth generation company currently lead by Mr. Michael Basciani. As Mush Comb we got to know them from middle of 2016. Our director Mr. Bob Holtermans made a visit in 2016 to Kennett Square because this is the largest production area of mushrooms in the USA. First farm visit was to the people of Basciani Foods. To give you an idea of their size. Their website mentions 750 tons of mushrooms grown, packed and shipped weekly.

As Mush Comb we came in contact at a moment of expansion and modernization. It started with giving proper advice and a honest opinion about mechanisation options. The last years the family Basciani showed some nice expansions with new shelving mushroom growing rooms. All in operation with the Mush Comb machinery. 

Coming Mushroom Days we will display their recent purchased phase 2 headfilling machine. If you want to have a look visit our stand at the Mushroom Days in Netherlands from 22-24 May.

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