Transporting Mushroom Casing

All growers who receive export mushroom casing would prepare it 1 or 2 days before filling. Preparation means adding water and bringing it back to structure. It is recommended that this is done on a separate clean area. At filling this mushroom casing needs to be transported to the filling machine.

The best way of transporting is with a Mush Comb casing wagon. We will also explain. There are a few key differences in comparison to other transport solutions in the market.

  • With belt in the bottom instead of bottom chain. Belt gives more equal dosing and less spillage.
  • Further a belt is much easier to clean so better hygiene and faster to clean so more time efficient.
  • No hydraulics needed from the pulling vehicle. Even extra, we even make no use of hydraulics at all so no hydraulic leaking issues.
  • Including 2 reducing axles, two is better than for example four because you damage the casing less.
  • Operation of the reducing axles is without chains (other versions on the market use chains) so no breaking and maintenance at this continuously moving part.
  • No ribs inside the bin, but use of smooth stainless steel panels.

These are key elements for your further growing process. Because what you get out of your room firstly depends on what you put in. So make sure when you do an investment like this to keep the above in mind.

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