Work in Progress

Mogu is getting transformed into a modern mushroom farm. We cannot wait!

The consumers in Israel and many other countries have discovered the mushroom as being healthy food and for that reason the demand is rising significantly. This has been the main motivation for initiating a new mushroom farm in Israel, named Mogu. In 2017 the decision to invest in a modern mushroom farm has been made. The farm will be going in operation the second half of 2018.

The initial farm will consist of 5 growing rooms, which is a good size to start with. Mogu will learn a lot about the art of cultivating mushrooms and eventually expand in the future. The compost and casing will be imported. Compost will arrive in blocks and filled as blocks in the shelving. The casing will be filled afterwards with a basic filling machine.

Ms. Keren from Mogu has made the decision to cooperate with Mush Comb. We assist Mogu during the whole process with local requirements support, but also by offering machinery, climate control systems and shelving. We also provide on-site installation assistance to guarantee a proper start-up.

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