Woodfunghi Conference

We are proud sponsor and attendee of the Woodfunghi Conference. Next week we will be going to Ghent for the first ever European event on the cultivation of lignicolous fungi. Do we see you there too?

“For decades, our mission has been to work hard to improve the cultivation quality of wood-loving fungi. Now it’s your time!

You want to exchange ideas and compare practical solutions to common problems, find answers to long lingering questions, share some wisdom and enjoy recognition.

We are realizing your dream: our anniversary year 2018 is the perfect occasion to organize the WoodFungi Conference, the first international conference dedicated to the cultivation of  lignicolous fungi.”

At this event we aim to further improve our knowledge in the cultivation of exotic mushrooms. This will assist us in developing the most practical products for this sector.
Besides information supply, this event will be the perfect place for us to promote our already existing exotic mushroom solutions:

- Growing Container
- Growing Room
- Growing Racks

Our goal is to get the European way of growing exotic mushrooms to a higher level. We have proven to do this by sharing knowledge, but also by coming up with innovative solutions which increases functionality, yield and controls.

Hopefully we will see you in Ghent!

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