The Exotics Market

The next four well-known mushrooms after the Agaricus bisporus are oyster, shiitake, eryngii and enoki. This among others entails the exotic mushroom market.

Once exotics were considered too difficult to farm, but nowadays they are commercially cultivated too. In Europe, exotics are more exclusive with interesting margins. Beyond the health benefits, exotics are also being rediscovered by the culinary community for their storied tastes.

Mush Comb’s history is primarily mushrooms, but in 2015 we were the first supplier in the mushroom industry to give full and professional attention to the exotic mushroom market. The exotic industry requires specific knowledge and high commitment. Mushroom solutions cannot simple be copy-pasted into the exotic industry and expected to be successful.

Our goal is to get the European way of growing exotic mushrooms to a higher level. We have proven to do this by sharing knowledge but also by coming up with innovative solutions which increases functionality, yield and controls.

We value every grower, small or big, and we will find solutions for your specific business together.

For information about our exotics solutions, please visit this link: Exotics

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