Mushroom Casing Mixer

Mushroom Casing Mixer
Mushroom Casing Mixer

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The Casing Mixer is used to mix mushroom casing and bring it back to a ready-to-fill structure.

Why  choose Mush Comb’s Casing Mixer?

Functionality, Safety and User-friendliness! These are the main reasons why the mushroom industry uses Mush Comb’s machinery. The Casing Mixer is equipped with a rotating chain instead of an auger, because our research showed that an auger damages the casing too much.

Mush Comb treats you as number 1.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. This includes delivering a personal, honest advice based on your specific needs. Therefore we offer many standardized supplies, but we can always customize them to your specific needs.

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The Casing Mixer works in combination with a Big Bag Tipper.

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