Exotics Growing Container

Exotics Growing Container
Exotics Growing Container

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We developed this special growing container, because we spoke with potential exotics growers with the request to start their business on a relatively small scale.

The picture illustrates a climate controlled container. It is completely equipped with high quality panels, climate unit, controls, air distribution, sensors, etc. to create the ideal climate control for your exotic mushrooms. To get more growing surface it is also possible to build the climate unit on top of the container.

To get a better understanding of the growing volume per container, hereby three standard examples:

- Oyster:             192-224* blocks of 18 kg;
- Shiitake:           768-864* blocks of 3.3 kg;
- Eryngii:             768-864* blocks of 3 kg.

*The amount difference is the difference in choosing to have the climate unit inside or on top of the container.

The main benefit of the container is that it provides a low-key opportunity to grow exotic mushrooms. The investment is relatively low and you can start quickly with growing.

Flexibility is another reason why growers choose the container solution; the container can be built today on site A, but after x time easily moved to site B.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this product.

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