Welcoming HAS Venlo at Mush Comb

After two visits of HAS Venlo at Mush Comb, we went to Venlo to attend their presentations.

In February, 25 International Farm Management students from the HAS Venlo were introduced to the mushroom sector in 'Mushroom Valley'. The students paid a visit to Mush Comb and Monaghan Mushrooms in Horst as part of an assignment for the minor 'Internationalization'.

The aim of the 25 students - of which about half were exchange students from the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences from Germany and the University of Poznan from Poland - was gaining knowledge about the mushroom sector and us. Based on this information, they wrote a recommendation for a possible new production or sales branch of Mush Comb abroad.

In March, the group representatives returned back to Mush Comb to professionalize their plan by having more insight details about the mushroom sector and our role in this. The 3 group leaders consulted their first executed research and based on our feedback they returned back home to further develop their project before having the presentations due in April.

In April, the 3 group presentations took place at HAS Venlo. All of the groups started with the same goal 2 months ago. A wide variety of approaches and ideas brought us from Malaysia to USA to Jordan. Currently the students are finalizing their plans.

We would like to thank HAS Venlo, Monaghan Mushrooms, Mushroom Valley for making this a successful project. Also a special thanks to the students who invested their time in this plan!

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