Mushroom (big) bag filling machine

Mushroom (big) bag filling machine
Mushroom (big) bag filling machine

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The (big) bag filling machine are filled on a set weight. This setup in such a way makes it easy accesible for the fork lift drivers. Where the lights indicate if the (big) bag is ready to be picked up

Why  choose Mush Comb’s Filling Machine?

Functionality, Safety and User-friendliness! These are the main reasons why the mushroom industry uses Mush Comb’s Machinery. The Head Filling Machine Premium is equipped with an oil filter, because research showed that 80% of all hydraulic problems are caused by dirty oil. This is one of the many adaptations we included into our machine to assure a reliable process.

Mush Comb treats you as number 1.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. This includes delivering a personal, honest advice based on your specific needs. Therefore we offer many standardized machinery, but we can always customize them to your specific needs.

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