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A Picking Lorry that is not produced for a grower, but with a grower?
That is correct! This Picking Lorry is developed together with a Dutch grower who had one simple wish:

"Make me a Picking Lorry which is worker friendly too."

Why are other growers using the Compact+ Picking Lorry?


The pickers stand as close as possible to the shelving and can reach all heights through automatic

The Compact+ Picking Lorry is designed so that it fits through all working doors, which means no dismantling of the platform or tipping of the frame.


The safety features are tested thoroughly and comply with the conditions of the increased labour inspections.


The Compact+ Picking Lorry is developed, because the market lacked an effective picking lorry that is compact, foldable and can be handled all by the picker herself. The Compact+ Picking Lorry can be driven, hung on and taken off the rails all independently by the picker herself.

The picking lorry goes automatically up/down, is simple, light and easy to clean.


Jasper Kanters - Owner Kanters Paddestoelen
"In 2017 I was in need of Picking Lorries that were actually user-friendly. Up until this moment, we used manual Picking Lorries. Eventually automatic Picking Lorries were needed for ease, increased efficiency and safety in use. We therefore decided to contact Mush Comb. Together we developed these Picking Lorries with as result a high satisfactory level of me and our pickers."

Marcel Peeters - Owner Maatschap Peeters Luijten
"We tried, and eventually purchased, the Picking Lorries from Mush Comb, because they are the most user-friendly for our employees. The pickers can operate and move the Picking Lorries completely by themselves. Besides this, more boxes can be transported than before. The abovementioned advantages assist us in working more efficiently!"

Mush Comb treats you as number 1.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. This includes delivering a personal, honest advice based on your specific needs. Therefore we offer many standardized supplies, but we can always customize them to your specific needs.

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