New Dealership

We are proudly to present our new dealership for the region USA/Canada/Mexico.

Mushroom supply & services (MSS Inc) has a long history in North-America. David Iaconi Sr has been a grower for many years and later opened his business in providing unique, quality growing products and equipment to the mushroom farmer.

Starting with only 1 product, MSS Inc. has grown and expanded into offering a multitude of mushroom supplies, equipment and consulting services. Mushroom Supply & Services is dedicated to problem solving. Their commitment is to work with the growers and match their products with the operational needs.

You will always get a friendly service from David Sr, David Jr and Liza. A great team where you can rely on.

With this dealership Mush Comb can provide better knowledge sharing in their regional markets. Further Mush Comb is known for its personal touch and MSS is a great added value in this. With this cooperation we can continue and expand our business at all the great USA, Canadian and Mexican growers.

Mss. Inc. can be found on our World Wide Web

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